Q. What kind of game is it?

A. [Sweet and Spicy] is a cute version of the card game [Spicy]. It is an easy and fun game in the form of tricking your opponent and putting down your cards.

Q. Is it fun even for adults?

A. [Sweet and Spicy] is a fun game for all ages. In fact, really fun games are fun for everyone.

Q. What is the difference from [Spicy]?

A. The main rules are the same as Spicy, and the SUPER-JOKER card has been added to make the game sometimes easier and sometimes more strategic. However, you will not be able to receive trophies if you use it incorrect way, so use it strategically.

Q. What is the information about the number of people and time playing the game?

A. It is for 2 to 6 people, and it takes about 15 minutes per round on average.