Fish & Katz


  • Collect the most fish with your cat paw
  • Supports Trees for the Future
  • 2-6 players, 20 minutes, age 6+

The good old people who run their stalls at the famous Korean fish market Jagalchi sometimes need a little rest from their hard work. While they take a nap, their loyal cats take over and manage the booth. The cats love their owners, but they also love fish. What could go wrong?


Designer Benjamin Leung’s game with a playing time of 20 minutes is full of charm and fun altogether: Fish & Katz delivers a fast reaction game at its best including your very own cat paw finger-outfit for full cat authenticity. In Fish & Katz sweet cats and yummy fish are gathered at an asian fish market, brought to life by well-known Korean artist Hami. Like reaction games with a bell, Fish & Katz has an incredibly high prompt thanks to the cat paw finger outfit and no downtime at all. Fish & Katz is therefore a great game to play with children and between generations too.Zwei Karten


In Fish & Katz, you catch and collect the best fish species with your cat’s paw finger outfit, which are laid out as playing cards in each round. You literally fish by groping – all at the same time – for the fish of your choice with a kind of lucky cat movement. Whether or not you get to take it from the fish market display depends on what the others have snatched: If several players have tapped on the same fish, no one gets the card and it even goes on the discard pile of Fish & Katz. If a player has three fish cards of two species, all players may count them and score points, whereby the fish species have different values. If no player has collected enough valuable fish yet, a new round of Fish & Katz fishing fun begins! Zwei Karten

“1, 2, 3!” PAW


Trees for the Future

With “Trees for the future” we have found a competent partner in terms of sustainable commitment, which we support wholeheartedly with the sales of Fish & Katz: We are very happy to have a tree planted for each Fish & Katz game sold!! Since trees are not everything, the further work of “Trees for the future” also refers to supporting regionally based families who live from agriculture with knowledge and tools. The organization’s smart approach is called “There is no one-size-fits-all solution.” It therefore works with local communities to see what help is needed to move toward more sustainable agriculture. Like the Heidelberger Spieleverlag, the organization was founded in 1989 and works primarily in the sub-Saharan regions of Africa. Detailed information is available at:

All plastic markers in Fish & Katz are made from the sustainably recycled plastic RE-Plastic®. For RE-Plastic®, our German supplier Wissner uses 100% recyclable polystyrene from “post consumer production”, i.e. post-industrial waste that has been recycled on site and returned to production. As RE-Plastic® can be recycled again and again, this recycling cycle is maintained steadily, effectively and responsibly. RE-Plastic® is qualitatively, optically and haptically absolutely equivalent to new plastic granulate. The use of RE-Plastic® is a sensible use of resources, ecologically and CO2-neutral: as Wissner puts it: This is realised environmental protection without loss of quality.


Zwei Karten

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